Founded in 2006 to help a small group of high net worth families achieve their wealth management goals, WhaleRock has grown to manage more than $600 million in assets. Through a multidisciplinary investment approach focused in risk management, the company is committed to preserving its clients’ wealth while identifying investment opportunities suitable to meet their long term financial goals.

WhaleRock Point Partners, LLC was created as an investment boutique to help protect the assets of families, endowments, foundations and institutional investors it serves, with measured growth through a disciplined investment approach. WhaleRock is an SEC registered investment advisor (RIA) headquartered in Providence, Rhode Island with clients throughout the United States. The firm provides customized investment advice, asset allocation modeling and implements both strategic and tactical positioning within client portfolios.

The WhaleRock lighthouse was built in 1882 as a beacon of safety to guide 19th century mariners who navigated the unpredictable waters off the coast of southern Rhode Island. Today, the WhaleRock remains, as it has for centuries, at the entrance to the west passage of the Narragansett Bay, as a prominent landmark.