Our Approach & Client Responsibility

WhaleRock employs a team-based approach: Each client has two portfolio managers who specialize in estate planning and managing assets with a multi-generational focus. Together, we deliver transparent results in a tax efficient manner, coupled with a high level of service.

We develop a unique investment policy statement tailored to each family’s needs which serves as an “investment road map” to achieve their goals. Through ongoing communication, we carefully adjust our strategy based on ever-changing family needs. 



Custom Client Portfolios

Tailored asset allocation strategies, risk management, and investment advice for each unique client objective are hallmarks of the WhaleRock portfolio strategy.

Advisory on issues beyond investments: Tax Efficiency, Trust Instruments, and Estate Planning.


Fiduciary Role & Transparency

As an independent advisor, we act as a fiduciary: A fiduciary is a person or organization that acts on behalf of another person or persons to manage assets. Plain and simply; we are obligated to put our clients’ interests ahead of our own.

We are investment independent; as such, we receive no financial incentives to choose certain investments over others. Therefore, we are singularly focused on providing the best client decisions based on their needs, specifically.

Multi-Generational Focus

Our responsibilities go beyond investments and extend into to the next generation of family or entity poised to inherit that wealth.

We vigorously monitor the daily financial markets; however, our longer-term focus is on the tax ramifications to clients and their estates.

With our team’s vast experience in estate law, we specialize in positioning assets in the most tax efficient manner for clients and their beneficiaries.

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